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-Limited Edition 300 Colour Vinyl Violet 180g Gatefold.

The characteristic style of acid rock are the long jamming songs where the true talent and creativity takes posession from the musician's mind, Dream trip machine, 10 minutes long is the song that takes me to the hindú temple with a wet weather and the stone walls eaten by the green moss and spelling the smell of nature, smell of earth, incense and the burning meat frome the public incinerations of the dead with the river of ashes above those temple. The Dream trip machine takes me to these places and took me back with the "back to the theme" the musical form of a jam that any musician must know. (Miguel Krieg From The Sonidos Primitivos webzine From Mexico)





The arrangements in Thinkin ‘on my bed are impressive even if it is the flute making notes on the same scale. It is a very introspective theme that delights us with that change of tone in the middle of verse and … fuck that amazes me!… the guitar with that sweet vibrato inmediatly my body begins to ooze LSD and toxic substances where the trip of having been in those megaliths make me lie on my bed and think…, ready to receive the blessing of the desert gods. The sound of an acoustic guitar prevents us from an excellent track inspired perhaps by pink floyd (cymballine), hawkwind or can on their healing closing track “give me some coffe, damn!. The texture of the flute is really mezmerizing! I cannot describe it with words only that Arno and the guest flutist Michel “Seuls” Thiboult are doing a “spiritual talking” with their music. This is the real and ultimate music from the world !. (Sonidos Primitivos Webzine From Mexico).



- Nouveau projet du multi-instrumentiste Arno Boytel, Special Deliverance est un de ces ovnis musicaux qui sèment instantanément le doute auprès du public tant les questions qui en découlent sont non seulement multiples, mais aussi variées ! La première d’entre toutes est relative à l’époque et si l’artiste nous ramène régulièrement à l’orée des sixties, il sait aussi se promener avec un certain talent ... (F. Delforge Zicazic)


- Arno Boytel, géniteur du projet, tout en s’octroyant la quasi-totalité des instruments, regarde le ciel, étoiles, constellations, laissant couler sa voix aux accents aquatiques sur un décor de western à la Jodorowsky. (Jéré Mignon Clair & Obscur)


Dans un univers très personnel où les ambiances se veulent éminemment cinématographiques avec une très forte dimension fantastique ou même SF, Special Deliverance se révèle être un projet ambitieux ((Zicazic)


Et l’ambiance, bluesy as fuck, de marier mysticisme musical et contemplation chimérique dans un dévouement aussi simple et ostentatoire que primitif. (Clair & Obscur)